Motivating Movement Creative Space is the NEW WAVE in Dance instruction.

• All levels of expression and ability are exposed and developed to surpass the heights of each being’s personal creative space. • Motivating Movement’s priority is to EDUCATE and COMMUNICATE in an atmosphere of unlimited learning potential. • The spectrum of a fun recreational experience, up to the professional goal oriented Dancer, our energy is always beaming at exciting levels, boosting self-esteem and the confidence to explore WHAT COULD BE. • We Dance proud @ Mo Moves  knowing that your experience with us will be fulfilling. • Our Passion to CREATE - DANCE - TEACH - LEARN - will translate into a feel good attitude towards life as a whole. • Motivating Movement Creative Space relates to your emotions and connects the feelings of mind and body by empowering movements from your soul. • Spend some time with us and we will teach you how to be comfortable with yourself and the direction you chose life to take you. • Mo Moves will activate your CREATIVE SPACE IN LIFE!! 


Preschool Dance 

 Ages 3 - 6


Dance Company

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Preschool Tumbling 

 Ages 1 - 6


Aerial Silks


Recreational Dance 

 Ages 6+

Technique / Strength / Flexibility


Recreational Tumbling

 Ages 6+